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第一个是起强调作用,特指。 可以不译 但二个是介词为了 说明 钱数的介词 都是介词 可以为 Boy,you can buy socks for only five dollars

正确:Yes, they can.

For boys, you can bye socks for only 4 yuan


The socks are washed by the boy.

As a boy, you may get a pair of socks at $5. 5.你亲自来华兴服装店来看衣服。 You have to come to HuaXing Toggery to see the dresses for ...

4. Those boys like to hit on me all the time. 那些男生老爱找我搭讪...pull up one's socks 鼓起勇气(不是“提上袜子”) have the heart to do ...

改错: One day, I was walking along a street 【when I remembered that】I needed a pair of【socks】. I turned into the first sock shop that【caught my eye】, and a boy clerk came forward.

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